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An example: Increased interest rates on multiple loans. This information greatly facilitates the assessment of interest rates on construction loans by comparison. In this way, you can secure particularly favorable conditions for your construction loan – or wait for better conditions based on our forecast. A loan must earn interest, as is the case with a construction loan. When looking for low interest rates helps a Bauspar comparison.

What does a forward loan look like?

What does a forward loan look like?

For many borrowers, terms such as annuity loans, debt rescheduling or follow-up financing must be considered for the first time during the term of the loan. Many borrowers are also initially not aware of the possibilities of forward loans. As a recommendable option, a term loan is offered relatively often, with which you can “secure top conditions for future development today”.

In principle this is correct, but you should still find out what the forward loan is. What does a forward loan look like? The terms “Forward Loan” and “Interest Rate Bet” are often read together. Because with such a loan, you bet on how future interest rates will almost align. In the case of a term loan, a loan is already in progress today, for which the current interest rates apply.

With up to five years lead time can now be concluded with many banks term credits. What is the purpose of a term loan? If you choose to take out a term loan, you are betting that interest rates are currently low and will rise again in the near future. If a construction or real estate loan is paid at EUR 200,000 and 2.5 percentage points, you will pay around EUR 100,000 more for a forward loan, provided the interest only increases by 50 percentage points to 3.0 percentage points.

To what extent is the term loan business concretized?

To what extent is the term loan business concretized?

Constant interest rates are payable throughout the term which can not be changed by banks and interest rates. Do I also need the interest rates for a forward credit comparison? The Bank’s interest rate varies considerably in many cases, although interest rates on real estate loans have been at a very low level and at a historically low level for many weeks.

According to the Warments test, some credit institutions charge up to 40 percentage points more in follow-on financing than other credit institutions. First, you should comprehensively educate yourself about all current offers and compare them with each other, on the other hand, it makes more sense to consider a bank change. In this case, it is recommended to make a change.

To whom is the forward loan business directed? A term loan has the decisive advantage that it basically comes into question for every borrower. Whether you have just signed a follow-up financing agreement and you want to hedge the current interest rate beyond, or if you have a loan agreement that runs for a long time.

A term loan can be closed up to five years in advance according to the current status. If the current credit is still active for six years or more, you should do without a forward loan (at least for the time being). What hidden expenses accrue on a term loan? In principle, the determination of credit institutions to provide customers and borrowers with the currently favorable interest rates in a few years’ time must be rewarded.

It should be borne in mind that a term loan in many cases involves additional costs. About one percentage point of the loan amount must be accepted as an additional cost. The longer the repayment term, the higher the expenses. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to whether any interest premiums and fees still ensure that the term credit business continues to be beneficial and allows interest savings.

However, real interest rates are currently so low that a term loan without any profit is profitable. According to experts, however, a strong rise in interest rates is expected by 2020 – an increase to six to eight percentage points is under discussion. Interest rates are currently below 2.5%. Even interest rates of less than two percentage points are quite conceivable for longer maturities.

The addition of one percentage point is therefore hardly a factor. Notary and land register costs in the event of a change of creditor are also to be considered and are approximately equal to a rescheduling. In the case of fees for a term loan, an aspect must also be taken into account and recalculated. Thus, the rescheduling with the term loan is geared to future development.

As a rule, this leads to a renewed increase in expenditure. If the repayment is made too early, the residual debt can still be very high, so that further financing has no meaningful purpose, if it is decided now – the expenses would then be much too high. ¿How to submit a term loan? After comparing all conditions and interest rates for the various dates, you can choose a takeover offer.

By what time will an application for a term loan be processed? At best, you should submit a term loan as early as possible. Forward loans bring a variety of benefits, especially from the current interest rate phase and development. If interest rates remain low, it is advisable to conclude a term loan for further development and it would be very useful if interest rates thereafter rise again.

For a term loan, the following is considered to be advantageous and advantageous in the aggregate: A term loan can also be disadvantageous. For example, a forward loan is not suitable for poor current financeability with a high interest rate, since the low interest rates can only be secured for the following years. Debt debt can then be the best solution.

This has a direct impact and opens up the opportunity of having low interest rates and generally improved credit conditions. The current form of financing will be replaced by a new loan and you, as a borrower, can immediately benefit from it. In addition, it must be ensured that unscheduled repayments are possible in the event of debt restructuring.

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