Mystery at the Magic Club

Marcel Oudejans poses with Sapphire Flex (Alana Jackson) and Devilyn Mae (Monica Anne) at the opening of the Cape Town Magic Club. PHOTO: Andrew Gorman

Nestled in the bowels of the opulent Cape Town Club, a bookshelf acts as a hidden doorway, leading to a world of wonders.

Here, in a space reminiscent of a prohibition-era haunt, is the brand new Cape Town Magic Club.

With some of South Africa’s best magic numbers for the clubs’ first season, the Cape Town Magic Club continues the tradition of Monday night magic events that have been taking place in London and New York for over 15 years now.

It was Pinelands comedy magician Marcel Oudejans who decided to bring the concept to South Africa, after finding himself frustrated by the lack of regular magic shows in Cape Town.

It all started six years ago during a conversation with Jacques le Sueur du Cap and John Lenahan of London on the same subject. “John shared his experiences on the launch Monday night magic in London, and the idea of ​​doing a weekly magic show similar to a comedy club where there would be several magicians playing, ”explains Marcel.

He and Jacques both agreed that they liked the idea, but it was put on hold until about a year ago, when Marcel saw the venue at the Cape Town Club in Queen Victoria Street, CBD.

He had very clear goals on what he wanted to accomplish with the club. Marcel wanted to create a place where the public could regularly watch magic and be exposed to local talent, but also a diverse range of magicians “with different styles, ages and talents to play”.

He wanted to create a platform for emerging artists where they could gain experience and have a space to test new materials and ideas and to “play” with his friends.

The intimate 40-seat theater allows the public to “see everything clearly”.

In fact, Marcel says finding theaters suitable for magic is no easy task. Although he has been a performer for many years now, he only started producing theater shows about four years ago and quickly discovered: “Most of the theaters in Cape Town are too big.

“The little ones are expensive to rent,” he explains, adding, “I wanted the audience to experience something more than just ‘ordinary’ theater.

The Cape Town Club’s “Black Bar” cellar, designed by Sir Herbert Baker, already had all the makings of a “magical space”.

“The fact that the ‘library door’ already existed, as well as the ‘speakeasy’ bar and plenty of comfortable seating meant that we only needed to provide the necessary equipment to create the theater and the whole experience would come together. would reunite. ”

The Cape Town Magic Club officially opened to the public on Monday, and magic fans can look forward to alternate performances from Marcel, Robin Boltman, Andrew “Magic Man” Eland, Bryan Miles, Jacques le Sueur, Mawonga Gayiya and Jesse Brooks for the first season. .

The club will host two performances every Monday at 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. until June 6, before the announcement of the program for the next season. V Tickets for the Monday night magic shows at Cape Town Magic Club are available at To learn more about the club’s first season schedule, participating artists or dinner, visit or

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