Children learn sleight of hand in the Cadillac Library ‘Magic Club’ | New

CADILLAC – For 9-year-old Paige Robertson, seeing the “Masked Magician” reveal the secrets of some of the most elaborate illusions gave her the confidence to try out this art form herself.

“I’ve always loved magic,” said Robertson. “My brother and I both received tablets and enjoyed watching the show.

Robertson began studying his own magic tricks at the Cadillac-Wexford Public Library as part of the “Magic Club”.

One of the things she learned was levitation.

“Everyone was like ‘wow!’ Said Robertson. “My brother was stunned. I will never be able to have it with my magic.

For 11-year-old Lillian Dushane, learning to do magic tricks was a way for her to make new friends at school.

“When I was 10, I didn’t think I could do that,” Dushane said. “But then I learned it’s really just you hiding stuff.” I thought, ‘ooh, now I can do this.’ ‘

Children’s room supervisor Karen Rickard said the Magic Club invites children to learn about card tricks, sleight of hand, coin tricks and illusions over the course of four weeks.

At the end of the four weeks, the children will present a show to their parents.

Rickard said they looked at all of the magic books in the library, which the kids use for their research.

“They pick something out for this week and work on it,” Rickard said.

The library provides all the material needed to complete the tours.

Although the club is halfway there, Rickard said children are more than welcome to attend the last two weeks.

Participation is free and the club will take place the next two Tuesdays at 4.30 p.m. in the children’s room.

For more information, call the Cadillac-Wexford Public Library at (231) 775-6541.

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