“Botched”: Tia says her “ugly” breasts can do “magic tricks”, thanks to a dentist who does implants

Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow are used to seeing a lot of botched cases, but one thing they didn’t see coming was a breast implant done by a dentist. Tia decided to come meet Dr Nassif and Dr Dubrow to show how bad her breasts had become.

Tia had been waiting for an implant since she was 18. She didn’t feel sure how they looked and thought it would be a good idea to have implants. However, she only continued with the procedure after becoming a fitness model. Tia recalled that she entered the modeling industry because she met the criteria. As much as she loved her job, she was also aware of her breasts. Seeing everyone with big boobs, Tia thought it would be a good decision for her to have one too. She asked her friend for a good doctor’s suggestion, but one thing she didn’t know was that he was a dentist.

Tia recalled that she wanted to go for a size D but the doctor gave her a C. While she was happy with the appearance of her breasts, Tia revealed that she wanted to make them bigger and tie them more than what they looked like. Unfortunately for her, the dentist refused to perform another surgery. Tia then decided to go see another doctor and hoped to increase her height to 500-550 implant size. However, when she woke up, she found that the implants were in the order of 1000. Tia was not happy with them as it was starting to affect the appearance of her breasts. Tia admitted that her breasts now looked ugly and even did some magic tricks.

Tia showed off how her breast implants would flip inside her breasts and it was the magic trick up her sleeves that no one else could. Dr Dubrow decided to pierce his current implants and then use the same pocket to put in new ones. He revealed that he would end the procedure by giving her a breast lift which would allow him to regain good shape. Tia was not very happy to have her implants pierced but knew it was something she had to do. She revealed that she spent most of her time at home while her implants were installed because she was too embarrassed to come out with perforated breasts.

She later met Dr. Dubrow to do the operation. Without wasting any more time, Dr. Dubrow began the procedure. He removed the implants and was surprised at how bruised his muscles were from the large implants. He then filled the breasts with air to get a feel for how good the implants would be for her. While he had an idea, he struggled to put them in place when he realized that the implants were pushing down because the muscles had been damaged. Despite this, he managed to perform the operation successfully and Tia finally got the breasts he hoped for. She admitted that Dr Dubrow worked a miracle as she smiled broadly and was confident about the breasts she had.

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