“AGT” Fans Believe Magician Klek Entos Was “Stolen” [POLL RESULTS]

Klek Entos, one of the scariest wizards to ever grace the “America’s Got Talent” stage, was knocked out during the Quarterfinals 3 results broadcast and fans are not happy. Of the five acts that were eliminated this week, Klek received the most support (41%) from viewers in our recent poll which asked who had ‘stolen’ a spot in next week’s semi-finals. His closest competitor was the generic singer Great storm, who lost the judgment of the judges against UniCircle flow with one voice. Here are the full survey results:

41% – Klek Entos (magician)

31% – Great storm (singer)

21% – Keith apicary (Dancer)

5% – ANICA (singer)

2% – Curtis Family C-Notes (bandaged)

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East Simon cowell to blame for Klek’s early elimination? Remember, the cranky British judge pushed his red X during the silent magician’s live performance because he felt it was taking too long to start. “It just took a long time to get there,” said Simon. “Is it like when you go to a cafe and you really want a cappuccino and the guy or girl takes forever to make that goddamn coffee?” This is kind of what I felt. And it wasn’t a great ending.

“Yes it was!” Howie mandel fired back at his co-judge. “I don’t agree with Simon at all. I think sometimes it’s worth the wait, an amazing ending like this. You’re like a horror movie mixed with Darci lynne. Because you can’t see your lips moving, that’s what I’m saying. I think it’s scary, dramatic, and a great story, and I think it’s great magic. I loved what you did. I give you a standing ovation.

As for the other judges, Heidi klum called Klek’s performance “super weird and super scary” and Sofia vergara, who was part of the act, said she didn’t like it because she was “scared of what was going to happen”.

In case you missed the Klek concert (watch below), he asked Sofia to randomly point a bullet in the head of a book of apparent burn victims. The one she chose was precisely the arsonist, who then apparated as if by magic onto the stage. The ghost let out a blood-curdling cry and was pulled back by an unseen force. At the end of the act, Klek said in a voiceover, “We are all haunted by ghosts from our past – regrets, grief or secrets buried deep within us. So what’s haunting you? ”

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