Award-winning ‘Master Magician Michaelangelo’ Still Performs Local Shows | New

PUNXSUTAWNEY – Local talent “Master Magician Michaelangelo” has won awards for his performances and has taken to the big stage at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, but still makes time to perform in the area.

Michaelangelo, known locally as Michael Gigliotti, a native of Punxsutawney, was first introduced to magic when he was in first grade. His class took a school trip to see a magician, which they missed.

“They all said this magician made things disappear and tore a journal and restored it and I wondered what it was,” Gigliotti said.

Not wanting to miss what his classmates were talking about, his teacher directed him to a book in the school library detailing some of the magic tricks they saw. His teacher then asked him to do the “torn paper” trick.

Gigliotti mastered the trick of the book and performed it for his class.

“Everyone gathered around me, I tore up a newspaper and restored it and that was my form of communication. All the children gathered around me and said, “This is what the magician did! and it’s kind of the same expression I see today when kids see the magic that I do, ”Gigliotti said.

Since then, he has learned all facets of magic and performs little sleight of hand for daring straitjacket escapes. He has traveled nationally and internationally, presenting his shows to locals and celebrities in big cities and small towns, and everything in between.

He performed at a magic convention where he won first place in the Midwest. He has performed at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

Gigliotti is still well known locally, taking the time to perform in the region. Most recently, he presented two exhibitions, one at the Joseph and Elizabeth Shaw Public Library in Clearfield and the other at the Rebecca M. Arthurs Library in Brookville.

“You must love the expressions on the faces of children when they watch a magic show, but they are there to learn to read or do other things with summer school or library summer events. “said Gigliotti.

His show was one that entertained kids as well as parents with his jokes and fun. He said he loves to gamble in this area and Pennsylvania is a great state for entertainment.

He said he loves libraries and thinks reading is so important. He ended his show with a message to children to find magic in everyday life by listening and watching the world around them.

Gigliotti runs an entire entertainment business, Magical Entertainment and Party Rental, offering bouncy castles and other party rental items for a large-scale party. His website is to see all he has to offer.

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