Famous Magician Drummond Money-Coutts Says There’s Almost Nothing About India He Doesn’t Love: La Tribune India



Coming from the financial dynasty of Coutts & Co, Drummond Money-Coutts (DMC) was destined to forge its own course. And today, DMC rules the world of magic.

This English specialist in the “card shark”, who started performing at school, is doing well after nearly two decades, but he still has a lot to explore.

In the country recently, DMC finds different Indian magic, “Yahan jadu thoda alag hai”. DMC fell in love with magic when he was just eight years old. His father took him to a show under the vaults of Coutts & Co.’s headquarters in London. The experience influenced him so much that he decided to become a magician.

Drummond remembers fondly how in a conversation with his father while climbing a mountain in Africa at the age of 19, he told her about his Plan A, which was to become a magician, to him. Asked about plan B, he said it was to make plan A work!

Death By Magic on Netflix is ​​a mind-blowing show and Drummond admits it was “an incredibly difficult show to make.” “I didn’t know many of these stories of magicians losing their lives trying to create this show for the public.” Eight episodes, including six consecutive, Drummond never had the time to learn. “It was an incredibly dangerous spectacle to do. The acts seem incredible, but in magic, one wrong move can be fatal. “

Deep connection

DMC’s Indian connection is strong and deep. He proudly supports tattoo – Hausla Pyar Viswas. “There are three mantras that I adhere to in life: Hausla Pyar Viswas. It is my little piece of India that I take with me; it’s very special, ”says Drummond, who immediately fell in love with India. At the age of 18, when he first arrived in India, he was fascinated. “I landed in Delhi and felt my soul fill with exoticism, mysticism and crazy energy. India loves magic, its mystique, so different from any other world. “He also likes Indian food,” Sab khana swadisht hai. I like everything; there is hardly anything in india that i don’t adore.

In India, he finds a world within himself. “I recently saw the movie Kedarnath and would like to visit the temple. There is always another village, another city, another mountain; so many cultural experiences to explore in India. It’s too much for a lifetime, but I’ll try.

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