French magician Xavier Mortimer brings digital success to his new show in Las Vegas



Xavier Mortimer launched his new show “The Dream Maker” at the Strat Theater last week.

Several Las Vegas artists – especially magicians – have dedicated time to developing digital content and filming fun videos during the 2020 shutdown. But Xavier Mortimer has stepped into this world, investing a lot of time, money and creativity in the production of a series. of online videos only showing his unique illusions.

And it paid off. His videos have gone viral, garnering billions of views and reaching an audience of around 10 million people on his various web channels.

“I believe social media is the next step for all that is reality, and by reality I mean us magicians and performers who belong to this world of unscripted shows,” Mortimer said in The Sun on the Strip. from this week. “It’s just a great way to spread the magic. The big change for me is that I did something that no one has attempted before: I produced a big illusion for a three minute video. No magician would ever do that because you think I’m going to spend $ 5,000 on a Facebook video that maybe 100 people will see? No. But I had built a [presence online] and I thought, maybe this is the time when I should really invest and make these videos a little more produced.

The results find Mortimer magically suspended from the side of a building after the tower of cardboard boxes supporting him collapses. In another video, the French illusionist cuts himself in half and asks his friends to put his animated torso on a bike for a quick ride in the park.

Reality-style videos maintain the magical effects without appearing too overproduced, and all of this work has helped Mortimer develop a new appreciation for a different creative outlet.

“I’m an artist at heart, that’s what I’ve been doing since I was a kid. But when I do videos, I immerse myself in it for a week or two or maybe a month and there’s so much creativity, ”he says. “I like the process. It’s like, let’s create more magic, let’s put it out there, this one is done and now let’s move on to the next one.

Last week, Mortimer reopened a new version of his Las Vegas show, “The Dream Maker,” at a new location, the Strat Theater. After landing on the Strip for the first time to star in Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson ONE”, the multi-talented artist ventured out on his own, opening a solo show at Planet Hollywood and then moving to Bally’s.

At the Strat, the largest hall where he has hosted his solo show so far, Mortimer adds some of these internet-developed tricks and takes advantage of the space and capacity to expand his production.

“I’m just excited. It’s been a tough time and now I feel like everyone is so excited to go see shows live, ”he says. “I love doing these videos and stuff, but being live with an audience, bringing people together, making people smile, that’s something I missed. It’s like now you have to think different and be different afterwards [the pandemic], and maybe something different will come out of you because of this change.

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