How David Copperfield Levitated to the Top


Controversial and magical, David Copperfield managed to avoid disappearing and becoming a billion dollar entity.

David Copperfield is held in the highest regard for his incredible compilation of compelling tales and crazy illusions. His performances are always grandiose, gripping and breathtaking. Forbes reports that there is simply no other magician who does it like Copperfield. He has entertained the masses for decades, and every time he appears on stage fans know they are going to have a thrilling experience. Aside from being entertaining and delivering a mind-blowing entertainment session that fans won’t soon forget, David Copperfield is also the most successful commercial magician of our time. His net worth sits at a jaw-dropping $ 1 billion… and it continues.

Incredibly magical

Everything about David Copperfield is incredibly magical. Her illusions are truly thrilling to watch and awaken the senses of her fans who struggle to establish the secrets of her witchcraft. He is best known for making the Statue of Liberty disappear in 1983 with millions of viewers to testify to the success of his mission. He also made a crowd of fans disappear from the audience, although this particular stunt did hurt a guest at one point, which marred the performance. He made it through the Great Wall of China and continues to hypnotize his fans with incredible feats of real magic.

Everything that Copperfield does is big, bold, dangerous and daring, and even though he’s already invested over 40 years in his craft, he’s showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

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Incredible adventures

Most fans associate Copperfield’s success with his shows in theaters, but this illusionist is more than he looks. He’s also touched on a variety of other forums that have kept his finances levitating far above the rest of the magicians in his industry.

David Copperfield signed on to a 13-year Las Vegas contract with the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, where Forbes reports he would put it; “three shows a day seven days a week for 42 weeks each year.” As if that wasn’t enough, Copperfield has also appeared on various TV specials and embarked on a number of world tours that have generated millions of dollars.

He also happens to have a very impressive real estate portfolio under his belt.

Magical memories

Every illusionist needs props to execute their deception, but David Copperfield has taken the art of collecting magical memorabilia to a whole new level. He is said to have the largest collection of memorabilia in the world and has over 150,000 works of art in his collection.

Copperfield owns collectibles from Harry Houdini, Georges Melies and Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin. He stores this incredible historic collection in a massive 40,000 square foot warehouse not far from the Las Vegas Strip and is careful who is allowed to peek. It usually only allows selected members of the media and professional educators to enter this space. This collection of items is said to be worth well over half a billion dollars!

Huge inspiration

When David Copperfield is asked who inspired him to reach this level of greatness, he indicates that he did not have conventional role models, but that he had a lot of respect for stars like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. He also indicated that Frank Sinatra had a huge influence on his career. Cinematic influences helped him create the unique storytelling formula that became his signature method of delivering his entertaining illusions.

His motivation

David Copperfield’s success can be largely attributed to his innate ability to follow his passion. He says he is never satisfied and always tries to challenge himself to do better and be stronger, so that he can achieve a greater sense of the value of entertainment for his fans. He constantly finds ways to improve and grow, and finds himself obsessed with the details to make each of his illusions as perfectly executed as possible. He says he enjoys creating moments and experiences that people have never felt before, and he strives for perfection every time it happens.

Business brain

David Copperfield wasn’t meant to be a businessman, but he just happens to be absolutely brilliant, by default. He found a way to direct his success by complimenting him with even more success on a different spectrum.

Copperfield has its own museum and surprisingly also has its own islands. It continues to grab top-notch exclusive real estate at every opportunity. Cultivating new projects and new business flows is her way of passing time and admits that work is her hobby.

Words of wisdom

After achieving international fame and legendary status, it’s safe to say that David Copperfield has a lot of wisdom to give to his fans.

To those who aspire to greatness and wish to explore their talents to their full potential, David Copperfield says the essentials of success are: following your passion, making sure you are fully prepared and persisting until you reach your goals. Goals.

These tricks certainly worked for him, and according to David Copperfield, with enough tenacity and dedication, it could happen for you, too.

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