It was the year 1998 when the local magician was featured in the City Times

South African Magic Council (SAMCO) President Gary Weedon takes us back in time while sharing some of his fondest memories as a magician since appearing in the City Times in 1998.

The former president of the East Rand Magic Society of the Benoni branch said that since appearing in the papers he has continued to do magic shows and thrive in the corporate world.

“The industry has changed a lot in 23 years. At one point, I was doing close-quarters magic at seven different Alberton restaurants in Pretoria in a week, doing shows on the weekends, ”Gary said.


Benoni’s magician takes us back in time

“Even with the evolution of the industry, I have played for well-known TV celebrities. I turned an old army bus into a children’s entertainment area called Big Bertha.

When Gary was featured in the newspaper, he was going to perform at Nelson Mandela’s Birthday Party for Underprivileged Children and the Magical Society’s 10th Anniversary Celebration in 1998.

He has been practicing and performing magic since 1973 at the age of 15.

The 62-year-old still works as a magician, however, due to the pandemic it has been difficult, but he does some of his shows thanks to the zoom.

“I love being a magician because you can make those who are sad happy and seeing the wonder on their faces when something goes away gives me satisfaction.

“I also like meeting interesting people and showing my talent to less privileged people. I do shows for some of the origins of the homeless and Mr. and Miss Benoni as my way of giving back to the community, ”he said.

Gary, who has resided in Benoni for 23 years, added that he loved The City Times because it supports the locals and makes them proud of what residents are able to do so that they can support each other.

The Northmead resident encouraged young people to become magicians as it improves their self-esteem, you have become disciplined and practice before showing your tricks to anyone.

He wished the City Times a happy 100th birthday and hopes to appear in the newspaper again in 23 years.


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