Magic club for casting a spell in Pinelands, Maitland


Magic FC’s mission is to cast a spell on the football field.

Football fever is casting a spell on Pinelands and Maitlands with a new club ready to do magic on the pitch and the internet. Magic FC is a thriving football club, and like any forward-thinking football club, it sets up a crucial part of a club’s success in the modern age – a website for its growing fan base.

According to club officials, this is the next step in ensuring that the needs of its support base are met in all areas.

Based at the Old Mutual Sports Ground in Pinelands, he enjoys the support of football fans in the area, as well as Maitland, Kensington and Factreton.

The club plan to welcome their supporters in style to every home game with live entertainment before and after the games.

The internet action kicks off on Friday with the launch of its website and the official Magic Fan Club.

This is one of the many changes and innovations implemented at the club in recent times. The vision of its owners is to get the club to play in the Premier Soccer League. Currently the club is part of the Safa Motsepe League and is in partnership with the Old Mutual Academy. It was purchased by former Bafana Bafana player George Dearnaley in 2012 and played for two seasons under the Old Mutual Academy name. The name was changed to The Magic FC prior to the 2014/15 season.

This year, the club recruited the head of the Play Sport4Life association, Miles October, with an MBA in sports management.

Cape Town first, then the world“Every team needs a strong fan club and to maintain its base of support the club need to do a little more than just perform on the pitch,” October said.

“We want to be the most progressive club in Cape Town, if not the country. With the official fan organization complemented by a highly functional website, we are just doing what top clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid and others do. The website will keep its support base updated with the latest news. We want the club to be inclusive.

V Visit the official The Magic supporters site at

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