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Children’s Magic Kits are a fantastic non-toy gift option that inspires the imagination and builds confidence. They also encourage independent learning and can even get siblings to work together to put on a show. (Now It is magic!) But when it comes to choosing the best magic kit for your child, in particular, make sure it matches their age and interests. Are you looking for a novice artist looking for a gift suitable for toddlers? A teenager already advanced in cunning (and to be clear, we are talking about the magician type)? Or maybe they’re an imaginary who’s more interested in dressing up the role? Either way, there is a perfect set for your aspiring illusionist.

From fun surprises suitable for 4-year-olds, to advanced tips for teens, to a STEM kit that proves chemistry is Magic, we’ve found some of the best. Below, check out our favorite magical sets – which are highly rated on Amazon – for any type of artist (including fancy dress clothes that can double as a Halloween costume this year). So sit back and enjoy the show while your kid blasts the coins and $ 100 bills faster than you can. Only you won’t have to feel too sad, because this disappearing money is a fake (it’s part of the *illusion,* after all). ALAKAZAM!

Best children’s magic sets with costumes

For younger artists, the Melissa & Doug Magician Role Play Costume Set is an awesome (and adorable!) choice. Not only will your eyewear designer look the part in a top hat, sparkly vest and bow tie cape, but this costume is cleverly designed to help them perform too! For example, the waistcoat has a hidden pocket and the hat has a secret compartment (shh!). This set also includes a bunny, coin, magic wand, and card tricks so they can put on their own little show.

$ 23.99 AT AMAZON

You know what they say… dress for the job you want! And if your mini-magic dreams of being a magical artist, this set is a great place to start. Along with a hat, gloves, and wand, there’s also a whole box of tips (plus props) so they can start learning the art of illusion and then start planning. their show.

$ 21.99 AT AMAZON

With this magician’s set, everything revolves around the costume; this makes it perfect for little performers who are too young for advanced tricks, or for bigger kids who already have a few tricks up their sleeves and want to look the part. Best of all, it comes in two sizes, small and large, to accommodate children ages 5-14. They’ll love putting on the spectacular cape (it’s reversible!), White gloves and plush top hat, with a hidden compartment. The finishing touches are a bunny puppet, magic wand, and colorful ribbons to add to the mystique.

$ 25.00 AT AMAZON

Magic Tricks Sets and Kits

Calling all aspiring magicians! This kit is packed with over 350 magic tricks designed especially for beginners! Aimed at children ages 5-14, young artists can master intriguing illusions. Along with accessories like exploding dice, color-changing silks, and a appearing flower, they’ll also have access to video tours and three bonus e-books on the coin and card trickery.

$ 29.99 AT AMAZON

Maybe you have a preteen or a teenager who is a little more advanced in the world of magic (is that a thing?). Of course they will want a challenge, cool magic kit, and for that we recommend this professional magic kit inspired by Criss Angel. With this set, they can perform 400 laps from video downloads taught by the Mindfreak OG itself. It is an educational activity that older children can do on their own that involves minimal screen time (i.e. watching lessons) and more brain power than video games.

$ 29.63 AT AMAZON

With over 225 tricks and a great price, the Marvin Amazing Magic Tricks Deluxe Edition Kit is ideal for kids who are starting to immerse themselves in the world of magic. It comes with plenty of multi-purpose accessories including cards, dice, and even a magic wand, plus an easy-to-follow instruction booklet with illustrations. For even more secrets, download the Marvin’s Magic app for videos and tutorials on your favorite illusions. It won’t be long before your child learns a handful of tricks – let the show begin!

$ 26.99 AT AMAZON

Introduce your child to the “magic” of chemistry with this awesome STEM kit. With it, they will be able to carry out exciting experiments such as changing the color or the water, making snow appear and seeing a room float (levitate?). There is a good chance that, parents, you are also intrigued! Also, white gloves are included for a full magician effect.

$ 16.37 AT AMAZON

Suitable for beginner illusionists from the age of 4, this is a fantastic set for young magicians. It includes props and instructions for 25 easy-to-learn tricks, like making candies disappear (though they really need “magic” for that?) And making pencils and a coin disappear. To make the lessons even easier, you will get codes for online videos for visual tutorials.

$ 18.99 AT AMAZON

A magic box from Melissa & Doug? Okay, we’re already sold. But in case you were wondering: This set is suitable for ages 4-8 and consists of 12 basic pieces that are perfect for your beginner magician’s collection. With it, your child can make a hundred dollar bill disappear (hey, we can do that!) And reappear (hmm, it’s more of a challenge …), and make fun illusions with a ball and a vase, a bag magic money, etc. . We love that there are only a dozen quality accessories so it’s not too overwhelming for the kids or Parents. And, for the record, Melissa & Doug has a Abracadabra set, as well as.

$ 16.99 AT AMAZON

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$ 18.99

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$ 16.99

Criss Angel MINDFREAK Professional Magic …

$ 29.63

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