Man performs 20 magic tricks underwater in 3 minutes, sets new Guinness World Record


Martin Rees, a professional magician, set a Guinness World Record by performing 20 magic tricks underwater in just three minutes.

Martin, from Hertfordshire (England), went underwater in the Pinewood Studios swimming pool in Iver Heath and did the record-breaking laps.

The video showing him performing the magic tricks was shared by Guinness World Records on its official Facebook page.

The message reads: “To celebrate #GWRday, magician Martin Rees attempted this incredible record of underwater magic tricks at famous Pinewood Studios.”

Since the video was shared, it has garnered over 1.3,000 likes and tons of praise from internet users. Many congratulated Martin on his achievement.

According to the report published by Hours nowMartin said his biggest motivation for doing this was overcoming his fear of being underwater when he nearly drowned as a child. Since magic had to be performed underwater, it made him challenge himself to achieve something incredible. Another thing that has motivated him is the work he does with a charity called Spread a Smile to provide entertainment for hospitalized children.

The magician dedicated this achievement to the children and families of Spread a Smile, who inspire him. The magician is quite close to them as he shared that he has also set up weekly online shows for the children of the hospital as he has not been able to visit them due to the COVID pandemic. -19.

Speaking of the challenges he faced while performing the magic tricks, he said it was difficult because the water slows down all movement and the magic tricks rely on hands moving faster than the eyes do. can follow them.

This is not the first time he has broken a new record but also holds the record for most cards identified in one minute (18), most magic tricks performed in a single parachute jump (11), most magic tricks performed blindfolded in one minute (24) and most wind tunnel magic tricks in three minutes (8).

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