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It’s fascinating and it’s exciting. Wondering what we’re talking about? This is a video of a man performing magic tricks underwater. Shared on the official Guinness World Records Facebook page, the clip is not only unusual but also absolutely entertaining.

“To celebrate #GWRday, Martin Rees Magician attempted this incredible record of underwater magic tricks at famous Pinewood Studios,” the caption shared with the clip read.

The text of the video reveals that the man named Martin Rees broke the record for most magic tricks in three minutes underwater. And guess how many laps has he completed? He is 20.

In the video, Rees also explained how as a child he almost drowned in the water. However, he now challenges himself and pushes himself to overcome his fear of drowning in this incredible way.

What is even more astonishing is that he also attempted this feat as a tribute to the charity he is associated with which provides entertainment in children’s hospitals.

Take a look at the amazing video:

Since being shared, the video has garnered nearly 1.7 lakh of views. People shared tons of comments on the clip.

“Incredible stuff! It’s beautiful for all kinds of reasons! wrote a Facebook user. “Just amazing, so inspiring, melted my heart. You always work so hard and fight hard to achieve your goals. The world is your oyster, grab it with both hands buddy and keep making a difference like you always have, so proud of yourself, “said another.” Hold on tight to your rising star, Martin. You are truly amazing! ” commented a third.

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