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The Brock Magic Club provides a place to teach and spark an interest in magic while encouraging creativity in this art form.

Anuja Marasinghe has been practicing magic for about five years and decided to found the club in Brock with friends two years ago. Even though they aren’t racing this year, they hope to return in person soon.

At the moment, they are looking for ways to create more opportunities for the winter term and accommodation during COVID-19. Some ideas include online classes or private lessons. A bigger event idea is to have a talent show for members to show off their skills. In the future, a larger workshop would involve a guest magician speaking and teaching at the club.

Their plan is to have weekly meetings, where one of the members of the leadership team will choose a topic to teach and each meeting will build on what they learned from the previous week. So they would start with the basics and then move on to more complex techniques. One thing they want to make sure is that at the end of each class, they can teach members a trick using the technique they learned that day.

“The goal of the club is to make people understand what magic is and to have fun with other people,” said Anuja Marasinghe, president of the club. “We want people to feel the magic of art itself as well, not just for people, but more what it means to be a magician. We want to spark that interest in as many people as possible. “

At present, there are over a dozen registered members and even more have expressed an interest in getting involved.

Most events will depend on communicating with members to get ideas on what they want to do. Then these events will be promoted throughout the week, where their main form of promotion comes from Marasinghe, who at times will take tours around the campus to involve people.

No experience is required and there is currently no fee associated with membership. The only fees that might be encountered are optional extracurricular expenses to attend larger events.

Marasinghe has a few personal words of encouragement for anyone who wants to learn or has a slight interest in magic.

“The magic was for me a very good act of faith. I have social anxiety so talking to people is really hard for me so finding something that makes me talk to people is really hard. But this leap of faith made me a lot of friends and got me where I am today, ”said Marasinghe. “A lot of the things I do today are due to magic. If there’s a great leap of faith you need to take, take it. You never know where you’ll end up because of that one leap of faith. “

For more information and to stay informed of resuming events, visit their Instagram page @brocku_magicclub.

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