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The teacher at the Salinas Union High School District took it upon herself to offer her students something she had never seen before: the Black Girl Magic Club.

Jordana Henry founded the club about two years ago. Recently, Henry and members of Black Girl Magic have taken a stand against fake racist cases. Salinas High School Black Baby Doll.

Following:The students of Salinas were disciplined in the case of a black doll. District employs diversity coordinator

“If this is what I experience on a daily basis… I can imagine my younger version sitting in the classroom and experiencing it,” Henry said of recent races. Said referring to discrimination. “I have all the tools to stand up for myself and speak up for myself, but I started to think about my young self.”

Strength in numbers

Henry said he was not surprised by the racism that Salinas students were witnessing and that the problem extended beyond Salinas High School.

“It immediately reminded me of Ruby Bridges, who stood outside the school with black dolls in the coffin,” she said.

Ruby Bridges was the first child to racially differentiate a white elementary school in Louisiana at the age of six. For a year, Ruby attended William Franz Elementary School of the United States Marshals Service.

Henry felt that she and her students needed to hear their voices.

The first club meeting this year should have been an opportunity for the students to learn how to do a double Dutch skipping rope together. However, the skipping rope plan was overshadowed by what happened at the Salinas High School Jamboree event.

Black Girl Magic met and discussed racism on campus. Some students, along with Henry, have decided to speak to the Salinas Union High School District board of trustees.

“Henry was there and there were a lot of other girls talking to me on the board, which gave me a lot of power. I was very grateful for this, ”said Nevaeh Drummer. Said. “I am happy to hear my words on how I felt about the situation at Salinas High.”

Now that we have spoken to our administrators, the students are eagerly anticipating a sunny day and are currently planning a day at the beach.

Positive wishes

In a recent meeting on Wednesday, a girl from the club met via Zoom. They start with an affirmation and then go through the definition of Black Girl Magic.

They later highlighted the current side of Black Girl Magic (taking the courage of Simone Biles at the Olympics) and entered the segment on former social justice warriors like Angela Davis and Nikki Giovanni, often for girls. . I heard before I told you about someone they didn’t have. But for Henry, the best part is at the end of the meeting.

“Girls wish someone a positive wish. I have a sentence frame, “What do you want from your sister until we meet again?” She said. .. “And they will give us positive energy to move us forward. ”

Some girls had been in the club from the start, and at the final meeting Henry noticed that some had grown, including the ability to speak at board meetings.

“In a way I was really, really proud [one of the club members] Because of its strength, but on the other hand, I’m also aware of the trauma, ”Henry said. “It made me sad too, it makes me want to cry right now just thinking about it… The experience of black girls always has to fight.”

For some members, Black Girl Magic is a way to connect and share ideas.

“In my opinion, we’re the only ones who understand each other the best, so it’s a great way to get rid of the vapor and get rid of your thoughts,” says Roseline Ayozi. I did. “The people here are really nice and everyone’s opinions are very good. I love to listen to everyone here and what they have to say about the club.

If you want to support the club they have Amazon Wish List This year we have a range of items for girls to use as self-care tools.

“The goal is to use objects to help us collectively heal from the trauma the girls have recently experienced,” Henry wrote to Amazon. “I hope these articles will bring them back their joy.”

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