Singapore’s youngest magician duo conjure joy amid pandemic, Lifestyle News

What myths have you come across about being an illusionist / magician in Singapore?

Darren: One of the biggest misconceptions I’d like to correct is that magic is only for kids and entertainment. In Singapore, whenever we mention magic, the immediate association is that of children’s entertainment. Parents would go out of their way to get their children’s attention and watch us “clown”. And some adults would politely refuse.

But I refuse to reduce magic to simple children’s entertainment. I think there is so much more to the magic and so much more facades.

Magic can be theatrical; magic can be a fascinating art; magic can incorporate storytelling and leave more impactful messages behind. There are certainly artists in magic, and these artists create moments and works of art.

Also, just to add, I think another misconception is to treat magicians as mere “deceitful apes”. I believe, like any other artist, that there are many more stories behind a magician to unwrap; and it’s sad to see people only asking for tricks after tricks when interacting with a wizard.

Since it’s such an unconventional career, what are some of your funniest or most interesting memories from your career as an illusionist duo?

Darren: Looking back, there are tons of really interesting and funny moments. I remember when we were, as friends, doing street magic together along Orchard Road.

We would challenge each other with outrageous challenges, including testing stereotypes to see if magic can really impress and “nab” the opposite sex. It ended up being a bunch of awkward and hilarious encounters, with a few successful attempts I should add.

Jerryl: One of my favorites would be one of our experiences with a restaurant manager. We walked in and spoke to a man at the bar to ask if we could speak to the manager. He asked us what it was and when we said “entertainment” he said okay he would get the manager.

He walked into the kitchen, took off his jacket and came out and said “Hello, I’m the manager.” We were both confused because we were 100% sure it was the same guy. Nothing really related to magic in this experience, but it was really hilarious and it made the tiring day much more enjoyable.

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