Some of David Blaine’s magic tricks and secrets are revealed



Magician and endurance artist David Blaine has been in the public eye since his first appearance on ABC over 20 years ago. Since then, some of his tips and secrets have been revealed.

Blaine will be back on TV screens tonight, April 1st at 10pm with a new special called “David Blaine: The Magic Way”. In the special, he will show some of his tricks to famous friends in order to shock them.

Some of the celebrities appearing in the special are John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, Tom Brady, Dr. Dre, Jamie Foxx and James Corden. There will also be more appearances throughout the hour-long special.

Blaine may have accumulated extra scar tissue in certain areas of his body.

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Blaine’s magic tricks sometimes involve sticking needles in various parts of his body, like the time he skewered his arm in front of Ricky Gervais. However, it may have taken more preparation than other tips.

Some sources suggest that Blaine should have identified a pathway through his arm that did not contain any major arteries or veins. After that, he would have had to pierce himself several times in that same area to create an extensive area of ​​scar tissue and an artificial path through his flesh.

The same method may have been used when he put an ice pick in his hand. If it is to be believed, this is the method he used, according to The Telegraph.

“I got used to spending [a needle] through my hand over and over again. I wanted to feel comfortable with it, ”he said. He added that he doesn’t do it every day because if a nerve is hit with this method, your hand is “out of action for a little while.”

He started with a smaller needle, but then he increased their width step by step to end up with an ice pick.

Other sources have suggested he may have lied, however. Maybe he used some sort of mechanical trick instead.

Blaine trained rigorously to hold his breath for 17 minutes

There was no magic involved in Blaine’s attempt in 2008 to hold his breath for 17 minutes. Before attempting the trick, Blaine met a neurosurgeon who told him that if he was left without air for more than six minutes, he would risk brain damage. Blaine took the risk, he told his audience during a later TED talk.

After first attempting the stunt on television in 2006 in what was an attempt that went wrong due to the producers insisting that he be handcuffed as well, Blaine decided to train for two more years in order to actually be able to go around.

He started sleeping in a hypoxic tent each night, a tent that simulates an altitude of 15,000 feet.

“What this does is you start to increase the number of red blood cells in your body, which helps you carry oxygen better. Every morning, again, after you step out of that tent, your brain is completely wiped out. My first try on pure O2, I was able to go up to 15 minutes. So it was a pretty big success, “he said.

He was then able to hold his breath for 17 minutes and four and a half seconds in ice water.

He also said he actually swallowed live frogs for the turn he spat them out later.

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