The Day – Magician / Culinary Contest Host Justin Willman performs at Foxwoods on Saturday


I let the management group that looked after the career of magician Justin Willman know that I would write this enthusiastic blurb ahead of his performance on Saturday in the Great Cedar showroom at Foxwoods – but only if he told me. was doing a concert for “Halloween Baking Wars” next year. “Competition on the Food Network.

Willman, you see, is one of those old-fashioned variety artists that extends far beyond the talent that kicks off a show biz career. In this case, yes, he’s a magician, and his popular “Magic for Humans” series on Netfix is ​​captivating and fun.

But Willman has also hosted the aforementioned “Halloween Wars” as well as “Cupcake Wars” for the Food Network. And I have no doubts that my 18ft tall cupcake sculpture – extraordinarily realistic in its depiction of the assassination of President Kennedy by a vampire Lee Harvey Oswald (up to and including a Dallas School Book Depository) – could take the prize home if only I could be on the show.

Therefore, please attend Willman’s concert at Foxwoods. And I could stress again that he truly IS a skillful and entertaining wizard who can make cupcakes disappear right in front of your eyes (and down my throat).

Justin Willman, Saturdays at 8 p.m., Great Cedar Showroom, Foxwoods; $ 31 to $ 37;

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