The magician performs 20 magic tricks while submerged in a water tank


Martin Rees from Hertfordshire (UK) won the Guinness World Record title for the montht magic tricks performed underwater in three minutes with 20 as part of Guinness World Records Day 2020.

Martin has been working on this record attempt for a few years now and was delighted to finally be able to break the previous record with an impressive 7 laps.

He is the first to break this record for more than 10 years.

The attempt took place on the underwater scene at Studios Pinède, the 11th Guinness World Records title to be recorded in famous film studios.

Martin wanted a prestigious location for this record attempt and felt very privileged and honored to have been able to use their facilities.

His attempt was assisted by Diving Services UK, who helped plan and prepare all the logistics for the attempt, and Twinwoods Adventure (Bedford) who provided Martin with a pool for his upstream training and practice.

Martin’s first motivation for this record was to overcome his greater fear of being underwater, as he almost drowned when he was younger.

The underwater element of the record allowed him to challenge himself and push himself to achieve something incredible!

His other motivation was the work he does with Spread a smile, a charity that helps provide entertainment for hospitalized children.

Martin dedicated this record attempt to the children and families of Spread a Smile who he says inspires him on a daily basis.

martin rees performing magic tricks underwater

As the coronavirus pandemic prevented Martin from visiting hospitalized children, he instead hosted weekly shows online.

The water itself was a huge dilemma for Martin as the water slows down all movement.

As a magician, rapid movements play an important role in the ability to perform magic well, as tricks rely on moving one’s hands faster than the eyes can follow them.

Even the props he used behave differently when in the water, so he spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to overcome these obstacles.

On receiving the Guinness World Records title, Martin said: “I made the most magic tricks performed in a single parachute jump as part of GWR Day in 2016 and the trip I’ve been on since has been amazing. ”

“Making this underwater attempt as part of GWR Day 2020 is a huge personal achievement for me, especially in light of this year’s lockdown.”


Martin’s advice to anyone considering a shot at their own Guinness World Record title is simply to “go for it, do it, and push yourself”.

“The feeling of accomplishment when you receive this record certificate nothing compares to that and I encourage anyone considering a record attempt to do so.”

This is Martin’s 5th Guinness World Records title because he already holds the records for:

  • Mofirst cards identified in a minute (tip) (18)
  • Most magic tricks performed in a single parachute jump (11)
  • Most magic tricks performed blindfolded in a minute (24)
  • Most magic tricks performed in a wind tunnel in three minutes (8)

You can support Martin’s fundraiser for Spread a Smile through his JustGiving page.

Be sure to follow the action from Guinness World Records Day live on our website or via social media using the hashtag #GWRday!

martin rees with gwr referee and certificate

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