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JEDDAH: A Saudi doctor has been hailed as a hero after helping a Filipina woman give birth on a flight from Dubai to Brunei’s capital, Bandar Seri Begawan.

Midway through the nine-hour flight on Royal Brunei Airlines flight BI008 on June 16, 34-year-old Josoy Jenny, who was 33 weeks pregnant, began experiencing pain in early labor and asked the crew assist cabin.

Mulfi Ibrahim Alkhinjar, a Saudi doctor from Al-Qurrayat, told Arab News that he made himself known to a cabin crew member named Adam after the attendant asked the 173 passengers if he there was a doctor on board.

“Once Adam briefed me on the matter, he introduced me to Chief Cabin Crew, Romzi bin Haji Mohammad Yousuf, who was my right-hand man throughout the delivery, as well as the flight attendants Siti Nurhafizzah Metassan and Adam. I introduced myself to the patient, took her medical history and performed a primary assessment. »

Alkhinjar was patient and professional, despite the high pressure situation.

“I thought recommendations from a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology via the Medlink phone on the plane would be the best decision at this time, before taking further action. So we received some recommendations over the phone. Afterwards, the rest was left to us,” he said.

“After putting the patient on oxygen and giving her the necessary medications, which allowed us to properly facilitate the delivery, some strong contractions started to occur; that’s when we managed to give birth safely.

Alkhinjar graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Science from Newcastle University in Australia in 2014 and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Melbourne. He currently works at the Saudi Public Health Authority.

Throughout this delivery, Alkhinjar had to approach the situation with a clear mind and a structured way of thinking.

“I had to prioritize (treat) what would put the mother and the baby at risk,” he said.

“I was worried about the position of the baby during delivery, because if the baby was in the wrong position, it would complicate the process. Therefore, I had to recall information and skills from my past experiences. So I performed the Leopold maneuver to determine the position of the baby, which had a positive result.

Once the baby was safely delivered, Alkhinjar’s attention turned to the mother to ensure the placenta was delivered without rupturing the uterus.

“I was able to use the Crede maneuver while maintaining constant rope pull. Fortunately, it was a success without complications.

Alkhinjar said he had faith in himself and the cabin crew, and relied on his experience and knowledge to help them.

“A successful person is a person who knows their own limitations,” he said. “Graduating from a reputable medical university in Australia has always given me confidence. However, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t feel pressured. But, in all my journeys, I believe that Allah is always with us, and that he is our companion on the road.

The Saudi Embassy in Brunei thanked Alkhinjar for his heroic efforts in delivering the mother and baby safely during the emergency.

Alkhinjar expressed his thanks to Saudi Ambassador to Brunei Emad Al-Muhanna, adding, “I am happy to have represented my great country… in the best possible way.

“I am grateful for the appreciation and gratitude I received from everyone who contacted me, especially Ambassador Al-Muhanna.”

Despite all the praise, however, Alkhinjar said it was Jenny who was the real hero of the hour and deserved to be commended.

“Honestly, she didn’t get enough credit in the media coverage. To do what she did takes enormous strength and determination,” he said. “Therefore, she didn’t have to thank me or show gratitude, even if she did.”


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